How UOB Asset Management uses Finimize News API

Author: Nik Wenzl, VP Business Development at Finimize

Who is United Overseas Bank? 

United Overseas Bank (UOB) is a leading bank in Asia with a global network of more than 500 branches and offices in 19 countries and territories in Asia Pacific, Europe, and North America. UOB Asset Management, a leading Asia-based asset manager, is part of UOB Group. UOB is one of the most customer-centric financial service firms we've worked with. 

Why did UOB Asset Management turn to Finimize? 

UOB Asset Management and Finimize share a joint mission of empowering retail investors. Thio Boon Kiat, the CEO of UOB Asset Management, reached out to us after becoming a Finimize Premium user. He'd noticed one of our Valentine's promotions for the app (forgive us for sharing this, Thio) and loved Finimize's bite-sized content and fresh tone of voice. He was keen to explore how UOB Asset Management could partner with Finimize to offer its customers the most impactful financial education experience possible and help them to become better investors. 

How does the Finimize News API integration work?

Finimize Daily News and Weekly Briefs are delivered through a brilliant UOB Asset Management Invest app interface. The UOB Asset Management customers can access content, read, or listen to news stories and execute investments on the same platform. The content is available in text and audio format, fully automated via our Finimize Content API. All image and audio assets are served via global content delivery networks to ensure fast access for users throughout the world. UOB Asset Management amplifies the content's reach with push notifications, giving readers a 2-line news story summary to spark their interest.

Finimize News API Integration in the UOB Asset Management Invest app

What's the impact on UOB Asset Management? 

Finimize News integration in the app enables UOB Asset Management customers to improve their financial literacy and become better investors in the most seamless way possible. The customers receive best-in-class, unbiased, and jargon-free financial content, centric on the needs of modern retail investors. For UOB Asset Management, it's a great tool for driving engagement and weekly interactions between the bank and customers. Plus, it's a cost-effective way to deliver content that customers love.

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