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Content-led campaigns

what's going on?

Finimize Impact Campaigns are centred on the Finimize community educational needs and your business goals. You can choose between either an event-led or content-led impact campaign.

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why should partners care?

Impact Campaigns are a great way to connect and grow with one of the largest and most engaged retail investor communities in the world at scale. It’s an effective way to build brand awareness and trust and drive brand advocacy at scale.

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how does it work?

If you go ahead content-led option, our in-house analyst and editor team will produce a 700-1000 word piece which will be hosted on for 12 months. If you choose event-led, our community team we will work with you to execute a high-impact event with 150-400 attendees virtually or 100-200 attendees offline. In addition, we’ll plan your campaign across our Finimize Daily Newsletter and selected social channels to drive maximum brand awareness and impact.

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Step one

We agree on an educational angle for your campaign narrative: something relevant for your thought leadership approach and aligned with the educational needs of our members.

Step two

Our in-house team of analysts and editors turns your narrative into SEO-optimized educational growth content in a guide format, to create a powerful endpoint during and after your campaign. This content can be used to:

  • Inform messaging of all campaign initiatives

  • Drive conversion throughout the campaign

  • Drive evergreen content growth

Step three

Step two tees you up for a highly impactful set of promotions in our Daily Finimize Newsletter. There, we delve into the key learnings arrived at in the educational content we produce, and address the questions our members raised during the webinar, positioning your service as a solution.

Expected Impact
of content-led Campaigns

3.3 million

Relevant Brand Impressions


Newsletter Clicks

Finimize campaigns are booked as monthly commitments. Impact and cost vary based on the campaign type, target audience and budget.

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