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Finimize Promotional  Solutions enable financial service brands to become part of the Finimize learning experience. They leverage our daily reach into a community of 1m+ retail and accredited investors to achieve their business goals.

We offer a range of  robust multi-channel campaigns that are tailored to how Modern Retail Investors want to learn and access information.

Our members are highly engaged - in 2022 the average Finimize reader consumes 100 pieces of Finimize Content and 1 out of 10 attends our events.

For Financial service brands, the Finimize Platform presents a huge opportunity to connect and grow with one of the largest and most engaged retail investor communities in the world.

Finimize Promotional Solutions are centric to helping our members to solve problems and invest successfully. Partners amplify their thought leadership, introduce their core capabilities and position their services as relevant solutions.

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  • Digital and real world

  • Average 100-250 attendees

Growth Content


  • 850k subscribers

  • 52% open rate

Social Media


  • LinkedIn, Instagram & TikTok

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Why should you care?

Retail investors trust Finimize when growing their skills as we give them access to unbiased, high-quality and jargon-free insights and education centric to the problems they are trying to solve. Helping our members to solve problems underpins what our Promotional campaigns are all about. Together with our partners we dive a robust educational narrative that is relevant to our members and enables partners to amplify their thought leadership and core capabilities.

On the back of that we apply an education-led multi-channel approach to position our partners' services organically as solutions that help our members to solve their problems. We are adding value with every touchpoint we create across website, events, newsletters and social channels.

This approach helps us to multiply campaign impact resulting in meaningful engagement for our partners and their services.

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Multiplier Campaigns

Unravel retail investor trends first hand and set up for immediate and evergreen growth. Maximise campaign impact by promoting across all Finimize channels to drive high-quality engagement and acquisition.

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Event-led Campaigns

Unravel retail investor trends first hand. Drive meaningful engagement by amplifying your educational message and services across a reduced and event-centric multi-channel approach.

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Content-led Partnerships

Set up for immediate and evergreen growth. Drive meaningful engagement by amplifying your educational message and services across a reduced and content-centric  multi-channel approach.

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Summit Sponsorships

Deeply connect with the most engaged members of the our community at the largest retail-centric investor event in the world. Over 2 days more than 15k investors join to learn from industry experts.

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