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impact campaign

what's going on?

Our community members want to become smarter investors, and your product could help them succeed. Choose an event-led or content-led impact campaign, and show our eager audience what your brand can do.

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why should partners care?

Connect with one of the biggest and most engaged retail investor communities in the world. Build brand awareness with tailored campaigns, and inspire trust by demonstrating your specific expertise.

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how does it work?

Choose the content-led option, and our in-house editorial team will work with you to produce promotional copy that delights, excites, and converts our readers.

Opt for an event package, and our community team will design a high-impact showcase that demonstrates your brand’s potential – live. You can expect between 150 and 400 attendees for a virtual event, or 100 to 200 for real-life ones.

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Expected Impact
for Event-Led Campaigns

over 2 million

relevant brand impressions

150 to 400

event attendees

2,600 to 4,200

newsletter clicks

Expected Impact
for content-Led Campaigns

over 3 million

relevant brand impressions

2,600 to 4,200

newsletter clicks

Finimize campaigns are booked as monthly commitments. Impact and cost vary based on the campaign type, target audience, and budget.

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