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More than 250 financial services grow their businesses by connecting with the world's most engaged retail investor community. Over one million modern retail investors turn to Finimize to grow their investing skills every day, and our campaigns enable our partners to become part of our members’ growth journey, helping them to develop their knowledge through the insights our partners provide. The result is brand trust and meaningful engagement that’s hard to replicate.

why should you care?

Finimize promotional campaigns are the most effective way to engage with the modern retail investor community at scale. We support start-ups, scale-ups, and a large number of long-established financial service brands in achieving their marketing goals
introduce thought leadership
Manifest trust
Drive brand awareness at scale
Build brand-advocacy
Acquire new customers

how does it work?

Our tested multi-channel campaign approach is designed to maximize campaign results.

We use a mix of channels to drive traction for our partners: 

step one

We agree on an educational angle for your campaign narrative: something relevant for your thought leadership approach and aligned with the educational needs of our members.

step two

Our in-house team of analysts and editors turns your narrative into SEO-optimized educational growth content in a guide format, to create a powerful endpoint during and after your campaign.

This content can be used to: 


Inform messaging of all campaign initiatives


Drive conversion throughout the campaign


Drive evergreen content growth

step three

We plan and execute events in line with your educational message to help you connect with our most engaged members. Events are a great way to give your brand a face, build trust, and acquire customers. One of the biggest values of this format is that you understand the questions our members have about your topic, providing you with insights you can use to optimize your promotional message. 

step four

Steps 2 and 3 tees you up for a highly impactful set of promotions in our Daily Finimize Newsletter. There, we delve into the key learnings arrived at in the educational content we produce, and address the questions our members raised during the webinar, positioning your service as a solution. 

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