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Finimize content solutions provide financial service brands with effective learning experiences for their customers, in turn accelerating engagement across multiple touchpoints. Solutions leverage our custom-built content engagement flywheel to power market-leading financial news, investing insights, research, and educational pieces across partners' channels, all delivered in text and audio.

40 million retail investors have access to Finimize content via partner channels.

Our educational content and investing insights are designed to suit a wide range of retail investors. To maximize engagement and impact, we pair expertise from our in-house analysts and editors with our partners' insights. Of course, we'll mix in our proprietary community research and intelligence data, derived from the Finimize education platform: app, newsletter, events, and web. Plus, we monitor between 2,000 and 3,000 unique content requests a week and analyze millions of consumption data points daily.

First-time investors (28% of readers) start their journey with Finimize, where they can access digestible, smart, jargon-free educational guides and news.

Experienced investors regularly check Finimize for actionable and topical investing ideas and insights, delivered in text and audio in just a few minutes.

Accredited investors (21% of readers) count on our top-notch in-house analyst expertise, delivered in quick and snappy formats for time-poor readers.

Financial News

  • Smart, snappy breakdowns of the two biggest financial stories of the day, and why they matter

  • Macro and stock specific

  • Daily and weekly – roughly three minutes long

Analyst Insights

  • Expert-informed, actionable breakdowns of topical investing topics

  • Macro, portfolio, and idea specific

  • Daily – roughly five minutes long

How-To Guides

  • Clear explanations of core financial concepts and how they work

  • Sector, strategy, and stock specific

  • Evergreen – roughly six minutes long

Our educational content and investing insights are designed to suit a wide range of retail investors. To create that content successfully, we pair expertise from our in-house analysts and editors with proprietary community research. That means gathering insights from daily event Q&As, conducting ongoing user research, and monitoring thousands of content requests. We also analyze the consumption data of millions of retail investors to show the actual demand for our content.

Why should you care?

Customer education unlocks business success. Just look at IG: the brand confirmed that its customers placed 33% more trades after they consumed IG's educational content.

Overall, 56% of consumers with financial education become relationship customers (EY 2019). In other words, they're easier to retain and invest more.

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80% of our users use the word love when they talk about Finimize.

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The most cost-effective way to build a highly engaging user-centric customer education solution within your channels.

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The easiest way to engage and upskill your customers with our smart educational content – no technical integration needed.

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Work with us to create bespoke educational content, showcasing your brand in the Finimize tone of voice.

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