social Media

what's Going On?

More than 400k+ subscribers follow us across LinkedIn, Instagram, TikTok, and Twitter. In addition, we actively moderate 150 WhatsApp Groups for our Premium Subscribers. Our social media strategy is designed to spark interest to dive deeper into our high-quality educational content. We regularly share summaries of our Analysts' Insights and relevant third-party content.

why should partners care?

Recent research by the World Economic Forum showed that 53% of retail investors turn to social media for information. High-quality social content is essential for supporting their education. At Finimize, we're building an ecosystem that promotes financial literacy for all retail investors: from getting ideas in their social feed to quality content from our in-house analysts to community to help validate ideas and take action.

how does it work?

Social media exposure is crucial in connecting with the Finimize community at scale. Our Content Creator team work with our partners to plan and execute content that adds value to our members and promotes brands that support their needs.

How to produce high-impact social content?

It's all about empathy and care for the audience. We will work with you to produce high-impact content and share it with the community across our channels.